Re: braid cost/benefits???


Think it comes down to personal preference Beef . It might be a matter of buying some cheap stuff , spool up and see what you think after a few trips.
I am a braid convert and have not used mono for a good 4 or 5 years now. I use 30lb cortland blackspot braid and have right from go. I liked the idea of a thin diameter line with a high breaking strain. I dont find the zero stretch an issue at all and I like the touchiness of it. While its less abrasion resistant than mono I think being able to fish in a big windy sea without a big belly of line being blown out sideways or getting pulled under by the white water is always going to be a benefit.
I have been busted on the bottom when fishing big surf and the line got buried under the boulders but at the end of the day I was wasting my time trying to fish it.
I dont find braid to be overly expensive these days , not compared to how it used to be priced but imho if you are willing to spend good money on quality rods and reels im not sure why you would jew out on your line.
I experimented with braid , liked everything about it and where I tend to fish the pros outweighed the cons.

Sooo you probably haven’t got a real answer yet lol. Just try it out and see what you think.