Re: big sharks


Yip sorry my bad for implying that he had caught a 11footer.I was trying to give an example of the monsters that they have in SF bay USA.9- 10footers are not uncommon there.
Chances are we will never see one close to that size on our coast and I have no doubt in my mind that there are Broadsnout sevengills over 10 feet long out there.

[quote:1fxbsvnj]Growing to 11 ft. in length, Sevengills are the largest of the five species of sharks that are commonly found in San Francisco Bay, but little is known about their lifestyle or habitat requirements. In 2008, Aquarium of the Bay partnered with the UC-Davis Biotelemetry Lab to learn more about the sharks’ long-term movements and breeding patterns.

This is from 2008 studies in the same area as im talking about so as far as im concerend the experts still cant really tell us shit.
Anyway no need for a debate as all i know is 8-9footers have got to be monsters and thats what I wanna battle 8)

Ill post a couple of his pics as examples and maybe some more with his permission.