Re: Any Reports?


Hey m8,Depending on the size of your boat,The outer sounds is probably the best bet for anything to eat.Either Queen Charlotte or Pelorus.Personally Id be heading upto the Rangitoto Is area.The blue cod and tarakihi are usually fairly easy to find around the Islands.You would want to be launching at Havelock for this trip.For an early season snapper maybe Beatrix bay would be worth a sniff but you would prob wanna be fishing 20metres plus to find them.Beatrix is a fairly deep water bay.
If launching Picton or Waikawa Id say to shoot straight out to Cape Jackson or Cape Koamaru and motor around until you find the reefs.
The weather will determine where you go on the day :lol:
Mid winter was the last time I was out them ways so Im just forwarding an idea or two.Sorry I cant be of more help :(