Re: 2013 sping/summer surf catches.


Public pressure got long line banned in the sounds, maybe something similar could be achieved off the Canterbury beaches.

Anyway, went for a Snapper fish tonight. Arrived at my first spot around 7:30 but there was a decent chop which would have made straylining difficult so packed up and drove over the hill to the other Sound. Was nice and calm, quite the contrast. Was hoping to fish the small wharf at the grove but it was already occupied so tried a new spot a bit further a long the coast. Climbed down to the nice little beach and casted out a couple of rods. The sand flies were biting me almost immediately, and the first Snapper was caught not long after. That was joined by a second, both plump Pannies. Night descended, the fishing slowed, and sea lice started stealing my bait so I headed for home around 10pm.