Reply To: Latest Catches


Fished at the mouth of the ure river for a while, sea was fairly rough. Water dirty, the ‘blue water’ was around 400m out to sea. After a couple of hours I moved down the coast to just north of Kekerengu. There the blue water was only 70m from the shore.

Caught a large KY, then a while later had my other rod bend over with a decent size fish on. But it was not hooked. In all 1 fish and 1 run for 4-5 hours fishing.

Wanted to fish at the spot where I caught the tope last week but there was three others already there. The clean blue water was fairly close to shore there to.

Really need to get a 2nd surfcaster, used a boat rod today rated for 10-15kg but it could not keep the line above the surf and it kept on getting buried beneath rocks. It could cast a decent distance.