Reply To: Latest Catches


Just gotten back from Kaikouria trip. Friday night it was nearly ideal conditions. Shame I wasted it drinking. I checked the wharf out before my drinking started and there was a massive school of herrings present. There was around a dozen people fishing there but no one had anything.

After being kept up most of the night by loud drunks. I got out of bed late (had to catch up on sleep) and drove back towards Blenheim.

I caught a good size Tope surfcasting in a spot similar to where Sevengillz video was taking. I might have my land features completely wrong. The tope managed to break the top section of my surf rod. Well I was trying to pull it up the beach with it because I did not want to get my shoes wet. Anyway, rod and line broke but I managed to grab the shark and remove the hook before releasing it.

A bit later a pod of dolphins turned up and hanged around in the surf for the next hour until I left.

I then fished seaview for a while but only caught a few small sharks. Managed to release all but one which shallowed a large circle hook. A workup did move along the beach while I was there but did not catch anything from it.