Reply To: Forum surfcasting trip to Kaikouria?


Hey Yellowfin.

I ususally head Kekerengu ways when im out to wet a bait.Actually a bit further south.Im usually anywhere between Kekerengu and Waitata bay which is pretty much where the rocky coastline starts.

Apparently Waitata is where some Kaikoura locals target snapper although im not sure what time of year but id say from late January onwards.I tried for a moki there one day,I was right where the sandy beach meets the rocky shoreline.I never got a moki in the end but I did have a ball catching those banded wrasse things and the TRUE moari chiefs.

Also fished Blue duck stream a few times myself with much the same results,although that was in the middle of the afternoon and I think trying both Waitata and Blue duck after dark may yeild a moki or two.The only place ive caught moki before is the wharf at kaikoura and raw prawns seemed to be the ticket.

Peketa is about as far south as I have been surfcasting before,no fish but the problem was the temperature! We couldnt stay out in the sun for more than an hour it was so hot but I hope to try again over the holidays.

Ive read quite a few articles about fishing Kekerengu and apparently that is the place to be targeting rig.I dont fish there myself like I said I carry on down the road further away from the rocks when Im after sharks.For sharks (sevengills and greyboys) I go to the Parikawa,three fords area.That is prob my fav haunt any time of the year.

Depending if youre after a certain species of fish or like me,go out to see what may be cruising behind the breakers then I recommend any accessable beach between Waitata bay and north to Kekerengu.No gaurantees on fish everytime though!;)