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    Could anyone help me: I have a pair of DryLine chest waders, with the green coloured sole of the gumboot.

    I have a pin prick hole in the sole which does leak.

    I have tried Silicone, also a car patch, and also trying to melt a piece of the rubber off the sole, but nothing seems to work, they just do not stick to the sole material.

    DryLine said they cant be repaired but I still think they can, somehow.

    The waders are like brand new cond.

    Has anyone got any ideas.

    Cheers Bruce


    try aquaseal, tackle shops have it . seems to stick to anything, have even made hinges from it. it is self leveling and takes a while to set. can be used on soles of boots, read somewhere once how can with a bit of sand mixed in put new grip to worn boot soles


    Thanks for that, i will try it, I have tried everything else. Cheers Bruce :grin: :grin:


    Rough up the surface with some of the finest grain sand paper you can find and then put some aqua seal on the hole and it should hold on good.


    Yip use aqua-seal “highly recommended”.It did the trick on mine.The top of the boot was split and a blob if it fixed it and has not leaked since.A trick I have found is once you have used it keep it in the freezer and the contents won’t go hard inside the tube.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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