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    Was after a little help please …?

    I am travelling from the UK to the South Island for 6 weeks fishing in mid March 2007.I have planned on hiring a car and doing a mixture of camping/tramping and staying at hostels. Hoping to hit Southland, Otago and Fiordland. Read all of the books I can and done a fair amount of research on the web and come up with the following rivers as a starting point:

    Opuha, Ahuriri, Mataura, Oreti, Mararoa, Upekarora, Eglington, Hollyford, Cascade, La Fontaine,

    Ahaura, Rough, Inangahua, Maruia, Blue Gray ,Hurunui

    Could anyone please advise on the suitability of any of these rivers as a starting point to fishing the South Island in March/ April ? Will I encounter problems with Didymo ? Any suggestions to any other can’t miss locations?

    Many thanks



    Sounds like you have a great trip planned. I wish you all the best with it.

    You are talking about an awful lot of water to cover on your list. Mid March is a bit later in the season so some of these waters will have seen quite a lot of angler activity by that stage. The Hurunui is in North Canterbury. You don’t mention your preferred fishing method?

    As for
    Didymo we’ll ask Fish and Game about it and post here. It is an atrocious problem in some Southland


    I’ll have a think about other places you might like to try over the weekend.

    Best wishes – Yellowfin


    Thankyou Yellowfin , would be grateful of any recommendations you have got. I am a flyfisherman hoping to target a few trout (C&R)


    Hi English,

    Didymo is more wide spread now than I had realised. Biosecurity New Zealand has produced a map to show just how far it has spread! You can find it here: <a href="


    Best wishes – Yellowfin


    I see that they opened up Benmore a few weeks back and let rip down the Waitaki.
    So I’ve read, it got rid of quite a bit of the stuff, but we all know you will never rid the river of all of it.
    If they found the guy that actually bought this shit into the country, man would that be a public burning at the stake!

    But don’t worry though, Benmore only supplies the North Island as far as power goes, it’s all good.

    However some would say it is the damming of rivers that is causing the didymo to replicate at the rate it is, double edged sword really.

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