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    :?: I have obtained 3 Shimano reels designated Triton Speedmaster Special TSS-4. Have read the review on this site.

    One of the spare spools for this reel is from a Shimano Baitrunner 6500 and appears identical. A tag on the reels states “Special Extra Heavy Duty Gears”

    Can anyone tell me if the gears are heavier than the baitrunner (apart from ratio) I do not have a baitrunner to compare.Just curious

    Thank you in advance, pete :D


    Hi Pete
    I have a battered old TSS4 and a few bait-runners is it the 6500 you want to compare to? i can have a look if you like
    but i am guessing that the TSS4 would have the bigger gears as the 6500 has all the clutch and wotnot in the body as well
    as the gears.
    Are you interested in selling one of the TSS4s are they all in good condition? i am writing from Australia just so you know
    that i am not around the corner.
    They are excellent reels.



    Hi Derek,
    Have pulled the reels down and cleaned-re-lubed them some time back and found that they are different inside to a BR6500 although the spools interchange, the gears are meatier on the TSS-4. Sorry but I do not wish to sell them as my kids are really starting to get into fishing and I have set up some light surf outfits for them with two of the reels. Thanks for your reply, tight lines, pete

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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