salmon caught in canal lake Ruataniwha

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    Heres a photo of a Salmon i caught on a brown Rapala easter weekend. I was a bit peeded off at first cause i thought i had a snag, I was after trout on my 6lb line.

    Just wondering do these salmon breed and have off spring or is it one from the farm.

    The salmon was full of eggs, so im wondering if i should have let it go.(not)


    from the farm i think i caught a salmon and two trout down in the canal using live-bait, thats a good size salmon, because in the farm they kill them when they are small 3-4 lbs i think because they taste better.

    nice catch! :mrgreen:

    edit: Also if the flesh was REALLY pink then its probably a farm job coz they feed them pellets which give them a really colourful flesh.

    If it was light pink [practically trout colour] than its possible it was a wild one

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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