moulds for breakout sinkers

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    Hi can anyone tell me where to buy moulds to make my own breakout sinkers

    i just saw a picture of the moulds on this website “how to make your own sinkers”

    thanks my name is bob

    “Dutchharry” was my gr8 gr8gr8 gdad a steersman in a whaling crew at waikouaiti

    Participant, gemini brand


    Or buy one from the uk.
    I purchased two of the adjusti brand ones .
    I have used a few repuatble companys like veals / rutherfordsangling and gerrys of morecambe they all have a fair number of styles.
    The gemini mould is a awesome bit of gear BUT it can get a bit pricey as the gemini head units must be used .
    The ron thompson moulds are to be avoided rough and leaky ….

    Also read all you can find about working with molten lead and pay full attention to all the safety warnings molten lead is bloody dangerous.


    thanks guys
    the Gemini i dont want, you have to buy half the sinker so it keeps the middle man in the loop

    will look for these other types

    Thanks for advice about molten lead .
    i worked 25yrs in aluminiun smelter so have some small insight to how molten metal behaves
    been burnt several times too .HURTS .dont want that.

    thanks again Bob

    Participant … s/288.html
    I have two of these ones . You do need to buy the beads for them as well but they work well … 66&tabID=1
    theses two use small rollers or you can leave them off.

    Whenever people ask about making sinkers I always put in the standard molten lead warning.


    thanks YEAHNAH
    will try these links
    very wise with the standard molten lead advice

    ta Bob



    nothing to do with moulds but a question in regards to the sinkers, when using a break out at the likes of amberley beach do you still use the spikes to grip or can it not grip in the stones?? Cheers


    Breakouts should work anywhere. Just cast out, let it get to the bottom then wind slowly untill it grips onto something.


    Cheers mate


    I prefer the ones with a bit thicker wires which gives a stronger grip. There’s a guy that sells them for a good price on trademe even bigger 7 and 8 oz breakouts for when it’s really really rough just gotta ask for the thick wires when you buy them.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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