Mokihinui Comp Results

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    Heaviest Fish Craig Thinn. 4.36kg Rig. Second Ron Prestage 4kg Rig

    Longest Fish. Ron Prestage 1.06 metre Rig

    Heaviest Snapper. George Coleman 1.02KG

    Heaviest Kahawai Ron Prestage 2.82KG

    The Contest attracted 75 Competetitors. 111 Fish were caught.

    The snapper caught by George Coleman on the last day was the only one in the Surfcasting Section. Hence took out the daily snapper prize

    which had jackpoted to $500.00.

    Ron was pippped for heaviest fish on the last day too, with Craig Thinns 4.36kg Rig. And yet Rons Rig took out the longest fish. It must have been a very

    “THINN” rig :grin:

    Day three and four no fish caught (Flood) and then things inproved.

    Cheers Trev aka Hardy


    The same day the snapper was caught at Mokihinui one of my fishing buddys landed a just on legal size snapper at North Beach Westport. So it appears that at least
    two snapper have made it down to the Coast this year. Once again they are a bit late appearing, however water temps have been low this year. Hopefully there are lots more out there.

    Cheers Trev


    yes we left to soon ron emailed us the results early this after noon sad not to see mine or the wifes name on the board lol all aways next year


    it was a hard comp with the flooding,, the sea was ruff and full of weed,, picked up a nice snapper,,5lbs, last weekend right where ron fished at mussel rocks,, :grin:


    Good snapper Craig. I will rub that one in when I next talk to Ron. Good to see another Coaster on here. I’m in Blenheim at the moment and heading home to Westport Sunday. Yep Birdlings, finally heading home after an epic journey ( hush, loose lips sink ships :grin: ) . Hope the snapper are waiting for me. Well one or two at least.
    Although I must admit I am rapidly becoming a Rig fan. And will be giving the Nine Mile Beach a lot more attention. Hoped to get out here at Blenheim. Rarangi but the wind and rain kinda put me off a bit. And no local knowledge here either.(As to wind) So my rod stayed packed. Guess it enjoyed the trip as much as I did tho.

    Ian give me your postal address and I will send you some blingie stuff over, my way of saying thanks for a great comp, great time and great company.

    Cheers Trev

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