Moeraki Salmon Fishing

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    Hi just wondering if anyone knows if salmon are still regularly caught at Moeraki each summer?

    I have heard salmon are no longer caught on the island at the lighthouse as it has a massive seal population these days and the salmon i guess keep well away because of this? so no one really fishes there anymore?

    Also wondering if anyone still trolls for salmon off the moeraki coast and if they have much luck??

    Moeraki was quite a hot little salmon spot back in the day….! many a fond memory and fine fish!

    Thanks!! D


    Not many people seem to fish from the lighthouse anymore, a friend spent last Saturday fishing there and never got a single touch. A chap in a kayak fished around Shag Point/Moeraki last season & rumour has it that he did very well with salmon.


    Thanks for that Mal
    I spent a lot of summers at moeraki in the 90s and used to do really well salmon fishing at the lighthouse and trolling up and down the coast
    Returning this season for the first time in ages might have to have a troll around for sure!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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