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    Here is an easy way to post your pictures on our forum.

    1. Open a free account here:

    Then post your pictures at Image Shack.

    2. Next “copy” the picture’s url at the top of the page from Image Shack.

    3. Then on the Fishingmag Forum where you are making a post, “paste” the url between the two sets of brackets. For example: when you want to place a picture in your post click “img” in the box at the top. Then the two sets of brackets will appear in your post. When you click “Submit” you won’t be able to see the brackets in your post, just the picture between them.

    You can see on the Fishingmag Forum where images are being stored by right clicking on the picture and then go down to properties.

    The reason we do it this way is because pictures and video take up a lot of hosting space – hence the reason they are hosted elsewhere.

    Best wishes Allan Burgess :grin:


    [b:5dw3px8n]Flickr Pictures[/b:5dw3px8n]
    Here is another slightly more complicated method of adding pictures to your Fishingmag Forum posts.
    You can also use Flickr to place photographs on the Fishingmag Forum. However Flickr isn’t solely a photo hosting site and requires that a link be placed back to Flickr for each photograph.
    Here is how to do it.
    1. Open a free account at Flickr.
    2. Upload your photos to Flickr.
    3. Copy and paste the picture’s url by “right clicking” on your picture in your Photostream. “Right click,” scroll down to properties and “copy” the url address. Then paste it between the brackets in your Fishingmag Forum post.
    4. Then get the required backlink by clicking the picture on Flickr, going to select “Share This,” scroll down to “Grab the Link,” copy the link (they give you the option of using a shorter version of the url).
    5. Go back to the Fishingmag Forum and paste your Flickr link on a new line under the one where you placed the picture’s url between the brackets.
    Here is an example of one of my pictures from Flickr. This method is a bit more involved but you can place a small picture on the Fishingmag Forum linking to a large version of the picture on Flickr if you wish.

    Quad bikes at the Rakaia River Mouth.

    Quad bikes at the Rakaia River Mouth.

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