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    It seems a lot of people don’t know how to post pictures and although I’ve posted how to do it before I think a topic would be more useful. Maybe a moderator can sticky this topic so it stays at the top.

    [b:3a8cpa1r]1) Find somewhere to upload your picture. Suitable sites include:[/b:3a8cpa1r]


    [b:3a8cpa1r]or search image hosting on google. I’m using imageshack in this example.[/b:3a8cpa1r]

    [b:3a8cpa1r]2) Go to the main page of and select browse, then select your picture and click ok. Imageshack gives you options to resize your image to be suitable to post on a forum (640×480 is a good size).[/b:3a8cpa1r]

    [b:3a8cpa1r]3) Click upload and wait for the picture to upload. After uploading you’ll be given the links for your picture as shown below. The one you want is the direct link. You can use the forum code link and paste directly into your post to save the next two steps.[/b:3a8cpa1r]

    [b:3a8cpa1r]4) Now make a new post and click on the img button as shown below. After clicking two tags will be added into your post[/b:3a8cpa1r].

    [b:3a8cpa1r]5) Lastly put the direct link you got from imageshack in between these tags and now you’re ready to post.[/b:3a8cpa1r]

    [b:3a8cpa1r]You can upload multiple images at a time on imageshack and direct links will be shown in a box to the right.[/b:3a8cpa1r]


    I find image hosting the easiest, just upload pics (they are resized at the time) and then once uploaded just cut and paste the bottom code in to your post and wa la ur pic is there.


    thanks zac ,ive been trying for ages to post a pic,keep up the good work.


    na zacs is easiest



    I cant sticky threads, maybe one day if Allen is at all interested in his site we will get changes round here.

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