Have you ever caught crabs like this?

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    Taken from “Tips & Tricks to catch more fish” by Tony Bishop. Got it from the library:

    (I took a photograph of the book, which has a diagram, but I couldn’t upload it. Does anyone know why? It simply says “Could not upload attachment to [document])

    “The most efficient method I know for catching crabs is to hold of some stockings or pantyhose. Put some sand or a sinker in the toe of the pantyhose and tie a half-hitch just above the toe, then place a piece of bait in the stocking. Tie this onto the end of a line and drop it to the bottom. Crabs trying to get at the bait get entangled in the stocking.

    This method works well when surfcasting. Put a bait and a sinker in the socking foot, tie it off to the end of your line and fire it out. Then slowly reel it in, pausing often”

    Has anyone ever tried this?



    only tried it on crayfish…..works well

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