Flasher Rig Loops n Knots

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    Fishy Bishy

    Had a question about the loop at the top of our Flasher Rigs that went like this….

    “Was just wondering what the little loop/knot at the end of the Flasher Rig is for?

    I always cut it off or untie it. “

    Here’s the loop explained:

    The loop is the top of the rig.

    It is for connection by snap swivel, coastlock or similar.

    I even use a Genie Quik Clip, brilliant!

    If you cut it off, you risk using the rig upside down.

    The droppers sit upright and away from the backbone whereas if inverted, they hang in close against the backbone.

    While fish can be caught on an inverted rig, they perform much better with the loop up. and sinker tied to the bare tag end below.

    A very good clue is the rig, if inverted the hooks are too.

    Also, if the tag end of the branch knot is trimmed, the whole dropper can come off as the knot needs this tag when under load.

    It is “absorbed” into the knot and retracts when the load comes off.

    Hope that clarifies the design question, so under no circumstances should the end product be trimmed, cut or adjusted, that is the way they need to be to function correctly.

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