Central Plains Water – Have Your Say by August 18

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    [size=84:2xttsudc]Hi there Rakaia and Waimakariri anglers,[/size:2xttsudc][/color:2xttsudc]

    [color=black:2xttsudc][size=84:2xttsudc]The Central Plains Water scheme proposes to take up to 40 cubic metres of water per second from the Waimakariri, and the same again from the Rakaia River. This will have a major effect on salmon angling by reducing the amount of time each river spends in salmon fishable conditions.[/size:2xttsudc][/color:2xttsudc]

    [color=navy:2xttsudc][size=84:2xttsudc][color=black]Fish & Game have posted information about the CPW scheme on our website. This includes[/color:2xttsudc]:[/size:2xttsudc]


    [*:2xttsudc][size=84:2xttsudc][color=black]The truth[/color:2xttsudc][color=black:2xttsudc] about the Central Plains Water irrigation scheme[/color:2xttsudc] [/size:2xttsudc][size=84:2xttsudc](a run-of-river based scheme not a take of flood flows into storage)[/size:2xttsudc] [/*:2xttsudc]

    [*:2xttsudc][size=84:2xttsudc]Information you need to know about CPW (the



    Thanks Jason,

    In decades past salmon anglers would have been conducting protest marches over such a major threat to their fishery! How times have changed.

    Allan Burgess :(


    Make no mistake about it, the proposed Central Plains Water scheme will have a disastrous impact on trout and salmon fishing in the Waimakariri and Rakaia Rivers.

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