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    Took a ride out this arvo to get a Paua at the northern most point of Amberley Beach. Had never been there (the end)before but had looked at the route on google earth & had good 1st hand info that the chances of getting a feed were good. Was plesantly surprised that I could drive the entire length on a well formed road, only engaging 4wd for a couple of water crossings & a small patch of loose shingle.

    Just wondering if any of you guys had been right to the end before fishing or otherwise ? Was also very surprised as I neared the end of the track to see six 4wds with boat trailers attached along with numerous other utes etc & quads.

    Is this one of Canterburys best kept secrets or am I just the last person to know? I would imagine that in anything other than a nor-west the boating fraternity wouldnt be so evident as it was dead flat out from the cliff face. Certainly has been put in the memory banks for another day though. Thought those of you that are boaties may be interested if you didnt already know.


    Yep go there often with my brother, seen a few boaties launching and retrieving off the beach and if you’re feeling particurly keen you can climb around the rocks out to the point to fish from. Definitely 4wd access only especially once you get to the end of the road by the golf course. Few spots in and around the trees if you feel like pitching a tent and staying the night like my brother has done in the past so he could be up early to go for a bit of a kayak around the rocks. For an out of the way area it certainly can get busy over summer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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