[b:3akt9q2t]Waimakariri Rivermouth Kahawai Fishing Tips[/b:3akt9q2t]

I have been down at the Waimakariri Rivermouth for most of the week. The kahawai have been present in the best numbers we have seen for at least five years. Every man and his dog have been catching them; myself included.
A silver lure is the best colour. They readily take ticers and zed spinners. Many anglers catch the kahawai on silver ticers that have a bit of green prism tape attached. The kahawai are after sprats and silveries and will readily take gear aimed at salmon.

To target kahawai at the Waimakariri River mouth head down towards the breakers and the disturbed water of the river just inside the surf zone. It is best to fish the bottom of the outgoing tide when the river is much narrower. The bottom is shallow and sandy so you will have to stand in knee deep water, as you can see in the picture, to be well within casting range.

The most effective lures are fish shaped jigs between 20 and 28 grams like the small Grim Reapers. Strange as it may seem a single hook is more effective for landing the fish which almost always jump as they attempt to escape. An eggbeater reel spooled with 6 to 15 lb line, and a spinning rod of 7 to 8 feet in length. This is more or less trout gear. This lighter tackle and smaller lures results in far more hookups than the bigger 68g ticers used for salmon fishing. You need to wind the reel quite fast to simulate fleeing baitfish.

The vast kahawai schools move around all the time. For a while ten rods might be bent over on kahawai. Then suddenly they are gone with just the odd one being hooked. Twenty minutes later its all on again!

Once hooked kahawai are tremendous fighters. Pound for pound they would drag any trout backwards through the water! They are great fun on rod and line. With kahawai you tend to loose a lot of fish particularly when the jump. :)