Re: Surfcasting Otago


Have caught legal sized blue cod off the Bluff wharf although that’s probably a bit far from where you are. Normal trace I’d use would just be a simple 1,2 or 3 hook ledger rig with around 5/0 hooks and squid would work fine for bait. If you can find somewhere without snags and reasonably deep water there could be something worth catching. Sometimes you have to fish the snags to catch the fish though. I’m certain there is blue cod off the wharfs at dunedin as someone posted on this website a while back.

check this topic if you didn’t see it as it has a lot of information: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=207

Copied from another forum:

1- try for a slamon of the wharf in town, they so a smelt release every year into the Water of Leith to get them to”run”. I remeber watching the spawning slamon from the Hocken Building in the leith, when I was at lectures at uni, they are fantastic.
2- Try the mole on the northern side(aramoana) side of the harbour enterance can catch moki, cod, butterfish and spotties etc here.
3- Puddingstone Rocks on the Peninsula, use to be fantastic for land based shark fishing, wold catch makos here in its day.
4- Taeri River mouth Kawahai caught here
5- Gun emplacements on at tairoa head. when the road leaves the coast at Otakau/harrington Point and the road starts climbing you’ll see the signs advertising the gun emplacements park here and walk down, salmon, kawahai and mullet caught here

Fresh Water
1 the leith around the back of uni you will be surprised at some of the size of the sea run browns here.
2 the taieri river out on the taieri plains big sea run browns, perch etc
3 Lower Waipori River as a bove
4 Strath Taieri – by far the best, heaps of itrrigation weirs and ponds that hold fish! Lots of big hungry fish!

Might have a trip down that way next summer cos these sharks sounds interesting. Anyone know how deep the water is off Puddingstone Rocks? If it’s suitable to put a balloon out off there a mako/thresher/blue should be possible but I dunno how you’d go about landing it.