Re: Surfcasting Otago


i have done lot of rock fishing around dunedin

1- try for a slamon of the wharf in town, they so a smelt release every year into the Water of Leith to get them to”run”. I remeber watching the spawning slamon from the Hocken Building in the leith, when I was at lectures at uni, they are fantastic.
for salmon fishing you need to jag the sprats when they come around,
2- Try the mole on the northern side(aramoana) side of the harbour enterance can catch moki, cod, butterfish and spotties etc here.
for joys with families, it is a good place.
3- Puddingstone Rocks on the Peninsula, use to be fantastic for land based shark fishing, wold catch makos here in its day.
it is a very good place for fishing but dangerous. lighte house nearby is another good place too, although i think this one is more danerours.(not far ago, a Korean was killed at there)
i also found the place at sealpoint road(sandfly beach?) is a place you could give it go, less danerous. you need park at the gate and take about 15 mins for walk up and down the hill.
at here, i experienced the spring tide is best time for fishing.

4- Taeri River mouth Kawahai caught here
if you can go there at very low tide and walk over the beach to the taieri island and fishing until next low tide coming back, fish would be fulfilled your tanks, wrass , cods and moki.
5- Gun emplacements on at tairoa head. when the road leaves the coast at Otakau/harrington Point and the road starts climbing you’ll see the signs advertising the gun emplacements park here and walk down, salmon, kawahai and mullet caught here
not good fishing, having try this place, only i have some wrass