Re: Surfcasting In Timaru


Went out to Rangitata South beach today for a fish. Got there around 3PM, fished till about 10.20 PM. Was a bit windy when I got there, but it calmed down a bit as it started to get dark. Caught about 5 or so small red cod, and saw other people catching them around the same size. Seems to be a lot of red cod around at this time of the year in the southern areas. Caught one small School shark, and saw one other small one caught. Other than that there was nothing else caught that I saw. It was still worth going out, now I know where it is. It seems like a nice place, and bigger than I expected. Called into the Tackle shop place and got a couple weights. The guy who runs the shop said he sold most of his stock and I’m not sure if he’s going to keep the place open or not. Might head out again tomorrow or next weekend.

Giller what parts of the beach do you think are better? I fished first at the South side where you first come in, then moved down to about the middle where you said was good. Walked down further towards the mouth, but it seemed to be really dirty water.