Re: Surfasting near Christchurch


If you do get adventurous and can handle going a little further. Kaikoura off the wharf at night is worth a try.
A group of us went there a couple of months ago for an all night mission. Caught heaps of Moki, a red cod, seen heaps of barracouta, a reasonable sized shark and heaps of baitfish.. Piper, herrings, mackeral etc… My flatmate was up there again last weekend. and he said it was much the same.

Another place that is just past birdlings is Te Oka bay and Tumbledown bay. Its a bit of a walk to get to the good spots out the head of the bays… But no worse than black rock.
Cant say I’ve done really well there in the past but its a nice place to waste the day away. And I’ve seen dolphins everytime we’ve been..
We’ve caught blue cod, red cod, mullet, wrasse, dogfish etc etc etc there… and tried a drag net once and caught a little sole. Just lookout for the Seals :lol: