Re: Surfasting near Christchurch


hey man ahhh birdlings flat is rather close to chch or the pier even can be fairly productive at times. lyttelton during winter at night maybe better thanat night. amberley is alright for surfcasting although is quite shallow the beaches south of birdlings are much better. leithfeild beach is alosrather close to chch but again is very shallow although have had sme great red cod catches from here. the mouthof the waimak is definatly still worth a look for bait fishing all year round with winter you being able to catch some skate red cod and not too bad doggies inthe actualy river itself ip to about 700m aboue the mouth i have found also able to catch flounder as well im planning on thatthis weekend sometime. during summer at the mouth you can catch loads of mullet eg like 100+ in a day some are big enough to eat the others just throw back or use as bait. also can catch kaiwhai. personally kaiwhai id throw back or use as bait ithink its bloody awful. as for the use of squid cant say i like that to be honest id say squid is crap. the only positive is its tough so stays on the hook you would have better luck with mullet bonito trevelly mackeral or pilchards. or various shellfish. hope this kinda helps a bit also hooks sizes at times need to be chosen wisesly