Re: Spammer list

Fishy Bishy

For the record, this morning I attended our own forum with the first of many daily “memberlist checks” and lo and behold a nasty from parts undisclosed had pushed its way in.
I immediately banned the member (three clicks) then through the Admin Control Panel “administered” the member.

There is still no spam on our forum and this is only due to being a little diligent and selective about who or what in the case of OEM product peddlers, visit our FISHING forum.

You are right about the ball in Allan’s court, he owns this billboard and unless he eliminates the problem at source, it will continue and get worse and worse exponentially.
This will become another Alibaba, a directory source for spammers the world over, unless they are made unwelcome!

I see there is a repetitive member registration on the forum today from “beads….and another unclever number suffix”.
Wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes on our bloody site which is there for the betterment of fishing and those who love to fish.