Re: Salt water flyfishing


miliwolf wrote
[quote:1xrvcov0]Noticed a turn to the worst lately down at the diversion, a few people have started to use a set Net further upstream… They are probably not breaking any laws but is rather annoying that they are using a net in a area which has high recreational fishing values. Hope a trend does not develop, I have seen them down there the last few times I have been fishing.

they have been doing this for a while. :evil:

have had a chat to Mfish about it and apparently its all legal. Mfish would support achange to make set netting illegal.

with the mouth getting so narrow the current going through makes it hard to fly fish anything other than slack tide. we need a big flood to open it up again!!

the nets are being used by tongan vineyard workers at times they are setting up to 3 nets in a stepped pattern which means sweet F A will be getting through. I gave them shit a week or so ago for leaving all their rubbish on the bank (including hooks with bait still n which one porr persons dog has managed to gobble up resulting in a large vet bill) I took photos including rego #’s of vehicles to give to the council. Apparently the council can trespass them but need proof. They don’t have resource to police it but may be interested in working with fishing clubs etc to set up volunteer policing.
I pop down on an almost daily basis and am building up quite a nice wee library of photos.

they are also in breach of F&G regs as they are using gear capable of catching trout within 200m of a river mouth without having licences.
They are now in my bad books and I will continue to work in order to ensure this splendid fishery remains available for all!!

Might have to see what it takes to become an honorary fisheries officer as I am constantly disgusted by what I see going on