Re: Salmon Season 2014 – 2015


stats on salmon catches by anglers- 70% anglers catch 0 number of fish a season. 15% catch 1, 8% get 2 ,5 % get 3 and so on . anglers who catch 8 or more salmon is 2 % of those fishing for them. the problem seems to be they are always in the best place to catch them. anglers fishing the mouth usually have 1 chance at the fish then they are off up river. on the other hand those who fish up river often have the means to chase a run up and can have several chances after the same lot of fish by following them up or calculating how fast they travelling and cut them off. the question is who is putting the most pressure on the fishery. feed back i have of this season is of a number of up river anglers who are already approaching 20 in number of fish caught. don’t know of anyone near that number in the lower reaches yet.