Re: salmon season 2012-13


In some respects your odds are probably a darn sight better given fewer anglers and reasonable fish numbers.
Had a fish on tonight for a couple of seconds until it spat the hook down at the Waimak mouth. Came up as I tried to set the hook and then spat the hook, saw a reasonable size white belly. Don’t think it was a Kahawai as no head shake and Kahawai have soft mouths so usually easy to set the hook (Salmon have hard mouths). Should have sharpened the hook/put a new VMC on. Have been catching lots of Kahawai on that Ticer though.

Saw a big Salmon porpoise close to the rocks in front of me when I popped into Macintoshs as well. Water colour is almost perfect for salmon fishing, maybe could be a tad clearer. I love southerlies and rainy days.