Re: salmon season 2012-13


they did a survey once in canterbury to find out the average number of salmon the average salmon angler caught. the answer they got was-0. so that means if you get one fish you are an expert? it seems to me there are 2 things that can improve you chance of catching salmon. 1- spend as much time at it as you can and watch closely those you see catching fish ,ask their advise- most will give it freely. 2- watch the river for the lines the fish are travelling up on. ie- if you see a fish porpoise, watch to see if another one does in that area see 2 more, then make sure every cast goes through that area. salmon look for the easiest path up a river to conserve energy so mostly follow the same line, and it is not always along the edges. another thing be on the lookout to try new gear or techniques.that keeps thinking about what you are doing. but as with all salmon fishing there is the one thing you can’t control and thats the ‘luck’ component of salmon fishing that always applies