Re: salmon season 2012-13


hi, this is my first season in fresh water and hunting the elusive salmon. got a rod and reel for xmas…..good work santa…..shimano backbone rod and shimano aernos reel. im still waiting to get on the board but im loving it. i love time down on the river, waimak mostly, casting a lure and i also love trawling the net looking at just about anything (well anything really) to do with salmon fishing in nz (and a little bit overseas) and i have to say i have learnt a lot on various sites but i still have a couple of questions. some are a bit stupid but id still like to know.

why arnt lures like the flying c used so much, if at all here

is it ok to take bananas fishing on a river………im an ex north islander and bananas are a no no when saltwater fishing. saw someone eating one on river today and just wondered if thats bad form or not

does fishing when the moon is full matter

ive heard stories of people fishing for over 20 yrs without catching a salmon. most are having me on im sure but i did personally know one older guy who died without catching one and tried for over 20 yrs. just wondering if anyone else has heard of any other record breaking dry spells……..personally i think record breaking bad skills.

cheers. hope to see you out there