Re: Salmon Season -2011/2012

Fishy Bishy

The Waitaki has been solidly producing fish the same sizes as the Waimakariri this season.
Biggest I have seen registered is around 23lb but I stand to be corrected as the list of registered caught Salmon at the Glenavy Pub is a very long list this year!
Water flows have been similar to the Rangitata for my first look since shifting down here in November.
The mouth went from a split stream mouth to a single fast drop-off mouth about Xmas time.
There was a big wide apron as it entered the sea and a handy producing lay on each side holding SeaRuns and Kahawai and a small number of Salmon. Most were caught up in the gut or above in a smaller side stream that looped off the mainstream, wrapped around an island and dropped back into the main gut.
(It produced well up there on the high tide.)
Cumecs are one thing but conditions are another and it depends where the cumecs are measured as there is a truckload of water removed from the river system before it gets to the mouth.
I picked up a 14lber a couple of weeks back on 20lb line, no worries.
In earlier days, these waters demanded big b-strain lines but there is no need to be that particular in the present conditions.
The Waitaki has closed for the season for Salmon but still open for Trout, any Salmon caught must be returned, dead or alive.
I upped my rod choice to a CD Graphcast 2 with ABU 7000 on it, the 6500 was ok upstream but not at the mouth where often a bigger cast was ordered.
Hope that helps.