Re: Salmon Season 2009/2010

Fishy Bishy

Had a look on the map but there have been some changes up there since my last trip.
There’s a place near Rotherham (near Waiau) with a Salmon Farm but this is now a private enterprise (Google for more info)
The Satellite map of the area doesn’t show the familiar track or buildings where I thought I was so that call to Fish and Game I believe is a best first call in this instance.
There are some fantastic guts and rifts up in the upper Waiau and you’d probably be the only one on the river for miles.
If it were me, I’d stooge about for an afternoon/evening, find a spot, gut, hole, and hit it at first light as the buggers wake up!
Don’t forget the shotty or .22 for a nice fat bunny and there should be plenty of wild mushrooms about from now onward.
Sheeeeeeeeit! I miss the homeland!!