Re: rigs


Take the legs off if you want the LIVE crabs to rip the baits to bits in minutes , or if you want any sea lice to have a really easy meal….

Leave the legs on if you want to keep some juicy bait in the water for the rig to eat , especially if using thawed X-frozen crabs …as the juicy bits tend to fall to bits in the cast , impact with water , and pickers like crabs etc having an easy feed

By all means remove the shell , use half a crab …..

Of course , if you do remove the legs , shell and use half a crab you will find it a deadly bait for elephants ……but if chasing rig and rig alone …legs on !

Standard ledger rig is fine …2 baits …..and 60lb trace is fine …..I prefer smaller hooks , with a sliding keeper …making sure both points of the hooks are well and truely sticking out of the bait , i.e. if the fish even touches the bait its in deep shit
1 hook in top of the bait ….tie it on …then keeper thru the cotton and out the side of the bait ….

Any other ideas peeps ?