Re: reels


All this talk of high quality gear being such an issue …….

IMO paying a few hundy more for a reel , wont make big % jumps in casting distance..

Ive tried several brands of reels , and they seem to be much of a muchness re distance ……

I still feel , at least with my “rip the shit out of it” style of cast , the simple act of moving a few bottom eyes up to maybe a foot further away from the reel seat is an easy way to gain 50% in distance …..
I have done this to 4 rods I own , as well as a few for mates , all with the same result ….

I wouldnt expect the average fisho to go mutilating their rod……but keep it in mind if you ever break a bottom eye….or are having a rod custom built ….
Pick up a new eye , and just tape it in position….and go test it…..keep pushing it forward until you start losing distance again …assuming you gained some initially lol …
You may find no gains , or you may find a big jump that warrants looking at the next guide up as well ….

I mightnt be able to give you all the scientific ins and outs , but just keep it in mind if you ever have the chance to play with the guides …..what do you have to lose

OH , for them’s whose mentioning pissing contests , dont forget people tend to prefer fishing when an offshore wind blows ……