Re: reels


Wilderness  Just from reading through these forums its easy to tell many of the people are more or less having a sword fight in a pissing contest, than casting the stated distances they believe they are. Neil is a good caster who has the technique to cast a bare sinker over 200m, he is one of NZ better casters, In my eyes top 10 of NZ and well out there. In comparison the average castor believe it or not, casts anywhere from 80m-120m (BARE SINKER ) . Casting with a bait ( longcast rig ) average size bait, you lose 40%-60% of your dry casting distance. So on a good day this means Neil is fishing with bait on average at 120m out………………..

My point is, when guys say they can cast a DROPPER RIG with two baitss, further than one of the top casters in NZ when he is using one bait, you can pretty much tell they ether have very short legs, or count in multiples of two :roll:

I think you have SOME valid points & some way off, for example I do not believe I lose up to 60% of my dry casting distance by adding tackle & bait to the rig. In fact I know for a fact that I can still hit around the 100m mark give or take either way, & with a tail wind more, but very dependant on the terrain Im fishing from. I know this because a former top tournament caster & forum member gave me one very simple tip along with some very sound advice regarding casting a few years ago. That being, take a measured length of line ( i used 100m as my guide) & join it to your mainline, if you can cast anywhere near or past the knot consistantly you soon get to know if your cast was a good one & an approx casting distance. Not full proof but not a bad indicator either especially once you have taken up the slack & have it back in the holder & the knot isnt on the spool.
I also note that other forum members state that they were dry casting with mock baits & rigs so although I havent seen them do it personally I wouldnt discount it.