Re: reels


You may be right ..some of the points may be slightly off base in general …….but for me , the tweaks work

With the casting technique I use , pure grunt lol …..they eliminate any chance of a mishap ….giving 100% confidence that I can just rip the shit out of the cast and never snap off …

I did however snap the top section of my rod in half at Pendarves one day …what a noise that made lol … doubt there was some damage to the rod that helped …..but was still bloody funny ……

And I dont think Japan need worry about my casting lmao ….
137 mtrs in the park was my longest , 2 mock baits , and 12lb mainline which is what I normally use ….no wind assistance ……100-120 confortably
But its only any help when fishing the likes of Spencers park , or Amberly middle of the day

Harder on a sloping beach of course , but an offshore wind would go a ways to offsetting that …

rdeejay is the only caster Ive seen who would be out beside mine , should we be trying to fish way way out ….his technique is beautiful …loading the rod to perfection with apparant effortless ease ….
His rod is 3 feet longer than mine tho , but he’s a big mofo so can work that bad boy lol ……his line would be maybe 24lb maybe a little more , if he backed off to 12lb he’d be out 160 maybe …….