Re: Prospecting a new River, Discovering the Awatere


I returned to the Awatere, got there early Evening around 7:30pm. I decided to spin, because it allowed me to cover a lot of water quickly.

The river has not changed much, if anything it was slightly less clear but I slowly fished my way upstream.

Thought this run had potential, and soon had something grab my line.  Short fight and this little fellow was in my net,  my first Awatere trout  8-).

The next pool was very nice looking, was quite deep with submerged trees and bank side vegetation to provide cover. Was not long before I had my second strike, then had several more follows. All small fish I suspect.

Further upstream the fishing was similar, small trout either following or striking but failing to get hooked. Numbers were quite high. Earlier in the week, I fished part of the section with a fly rod and only saw a single fish.

Fished even further and the water seemed dirtier and saw no further fish, when it was quite late I changed to a larger lure hoping the fish would see it, but it did not work. After dark I spotted a couple of eels in the shallows. Got back to the car at 9:30pm.

My next trip would be on the weekend.