Re: Prospecting a new River, Discovering the Awatere


Other fish and rivers have taken my attention over the last few weeks but the Awatere was not out of my mind, although it was brown the last time I crossed her.

This evening I crossed Weld Pass and soon found myself on the banks of the Awatere, conditions were looking good. Before leaving home I tied my Goldfish back on and it was quickly swimming across and down current. Was not long before I saw a small trout follow it in.

It was all action in the next rapid, as a nice trout could not resist eating the scared little goldfish. The trout was quickly landed, I did not have my weigh net, but I estimated it to weigh a good 5lb. My biggest from the Awatere so far, looked like it spent a bit of time out at sea. Next rapid upstream produced a 1lb fish and then a even smaller one. Now it was getting dark so I had to return to the car.

So not a bad result for a hour or so fishing, on Saturday I spent 5-6 hours fly fishing on the Wairau, a river with a much better reputation and I only saw a single trout!