Re: port levy


Fished off the warfe 35years age , I dont even think its still there …I recall the old man snapping off on something monterous ..they get a lot of 7 gillers in there

There was 1 spot we used to catch a lot of good fish from at Menzies bay …but its been inundated with asians …

I got out yesterday with seahunter to Goat point …couldnt fish our usual spot quite how we normally do as the ledge was hanging by a thread after the quake ….60foot to the water is to far to ride lol

I managed several good bluecod ….and a few maori cheifs ….1 huge .. hunter took a cod ……I think he will be changing technique for our next trip

What I did find amazing , was the accuracy of this site

It was dead until 30 mins before the said time , and fished hot for 2 hours , ending of course 30 prior to the stated finish time , then dead as a doe doe
Looking at the obvious current in the water, the Lyttleton tides are bang on the same for the point ….but I will sure be watching the times in the future with interest