Re: Pier Restriction


Hi Guys. As Booger posted above the council has lifted the summer ban on fishing off the pier effective immediately. There will now be new rules regarding fishing posted on the pier and these will be policed year round. (Rangers were on the pier and made several people leave on the weekend just gone.) These rules include one line per person, no overhead casting, lightweight crab pots only, (this may yet become no crabbing at all) along with other rules regarding general behavior and ettiquete. While some have said they are not that happy with some of these rules (1 rod) it is better too be able to fish with one rod than not at all. Booger, myself and a few others have worked damn hard over the last 18 months without a lot of support from other anglers to get this ban overturned, so we hope that people will now abide by the rules and show the council that this facility is well used and appreciated. The decision on this is to be reviewed at the end of summer, and if there has still been a large amount of legitimate complaints, the council have indicated they will ban fishing completely so it is now up to all of us to make it work.