Re: non surf catches


went up to my normal camping spot just before whypapa bay, got there 7.30pm firday night, unhooked the caravan and then got my boat ready to lanuch of in the small bay, went and set my 3 cray pot and then went for a fish. was a fairly big swell but just went out slowly to the reefs well the blue cod were very kind to me this night and got my 10 and 5 (hum) scrappys preach, and 2 crayfish on the rod only 1 legal…saturday the sea was much flatter and went and checked the pots ,had 5 in them only 3 legal.. of out to the reefs went farther out than normal to other reef and got in to some big blue cod, keeped moving around to other pot that were out there and got my 10 blue cod, 8 scrappy/sea perch, got approx 10 big dog fish they put up a good fight and a few other reef fish.. got 6 blue cod between 45-47cm and most of the rest were 35-up..nice big ones… went out and check my pots sunday morning and got 3 legel crays the sea was to swelly for me to go fish so pack up and came home home by 12.30 .. dont think that my pots are that good at catching crays as i dont get many, other person and a girl were there and they only had 1 pot when they went and got it and brought it back in as they said it was to rough out there to check the crays they had approx 20-24 crays in it, here i was thinking that i did ok with my three, well 2 pot as my rope broke on saturday moring… beaten by a bloody female not good lol