Re: new here


zac, i dont fish near rocks just target rig ele schoolies, i have put nets out for moki where some of your photos were taken with success ans its quite deep in places too, the road to the beach 1st north of timaru has some nice stingrays i was gonna grab one by the tail once i guy said no way thats where its stings are,its aorangi road.the map you have up says otipua beach about 200 mtrs north of that i have caught rig and schoolies there and an old commercial guy used to tow in there 50 years ago hew new the marks and told me of huge cow eles in there too.the pot i was gven is a cray pot made out of no 8 wire and the workmanship is fantastic im going to cover it with chicken netting today. are you allowed to offer to swap somthing in any forums? thanks