Re: new here


Wasn’t doing anything today so went for a drive up to Timaru. Checked out the wharf first then decided I’d head around to the other side and fish there. Got around there and there’s now a gate blocking you from driving out to the end of the rocks so just ended up going for a walk around and taking some pictures. There’s so many places around Timaru with good spots for fishing just need to wait for summer to try a few.

Some of these places could be worth a try

Fished off the rocks here a year or two ago, can’t remember if I caught much but have been told you can get kahawai here spinning. Not sure how deep the water is off here going straight out to sea but I’d like to try sending a balloon off there and see if there’s any sharks around even if it’s only seven gillers. Do you know if other species such as blue sharks have been caught close to shore in nets etc?

Planned on fishing along this beach a while back but never got around to it, a guy fishing there told me you can get blue cod. Would like to know how deep the water is along this area.

A view of the harbour looking back towards the mountains.

Caroline bay. Fished off the wharf on the right corner of the picture and got yellow eyed mullet and small kahawai. I suppose all along the other side of the bay would be the same sort of fishing. Around this area should be good for stingrays at the right time of the year although there seems to be dogfish everywhere.

The only stingray I ever caught in timaru was off the wharf in the harbour around March so it’s possible they don’t enter the harbour often or are only around in the late months of summer. Can’t remember when I saw in the paper about a 200kg+ stingray that washed up on caroline bay but that’s what I’m after next season.