Re: Motueka Fishing spots?


Thanks for that Miliwolf

I guess it’s going to be fish bait then – I’ll try early morning and dusk as they are the best times to go up here as well. I suppose off Motueka old wharf will be the best bet using a pully rig and a gripper lead.

I will try and dig some worm down there (it’ll be good exercise if mothing else!) and try some on 1/0 or 2/0 hook paternoster rig.

We use worm a lot up here – Lug, rag are very popular and Verm (Guernsey name for rockworm) are great bait – bagged a 4lb ballan wrasse this morning after just 10 mins using it. :)

I also have some swimming jellies to use which I might try down there – they are deadly for Bass here, so i suppose most predatory fish will find them attractive.

We arrive NZ on the 25th – can’t wait! :grin: