Motueka Fishing spots?

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    Hi folks

    I will be visiting family in Motueka in Feb/March and would be grateful for any tips on good spots and bait suggestions.

    I went fishing off the spit in Mot last year without much success, just Kahawi (apologies for spelling!) and also off the jetty at Mot, again without much success. :(

    I was using sardines on the advice of the tackle shop but found it pretty ineffectual and very soft.

    I have surf fished off Rabbit Island as well using grip leads (3-4oz) but again without much success – I suspect that I’m not using correct bait or I’m not in the right place. :oops:

    I did try off the roadside during the day on the cost road at Nelson, using one of those great platform with benches and rod rests built in (well done nelson city council!) but again no joy, but then again it was around noon in full sun so I suspect not much in the way of fish about then! :roll:

    I do have a car so am able to drive to locations within reason.

    Any tips/help appreciated. :)



    Hi again
    Any info at all would be welcome! :roll:
    Do you use worm in NZ for sea fishing (ragworm/lugworm)? If so is it freely available?
    If not I suspect it will be a mackeral flapper on a 3/0 hook.
    Thanks in advance :)


    I suspect your main target species would be Snapper. They are school fish and swim around a bit, so even if you are using the right bait you might not catch anything.

    There is quite a range of baits which work well for Snapper, good quality pilchards are probably the most popular. But other baits like squid, trevally would also work at times. You could also purchase a few Softplastic crabs. Sea Worms are not common bait, but it is possible to gather them yourself, I have never done it. Same people swear by it.

    I normally use a 4/0 Owner circle hook and behind that a ball sinker for Snapper fishing.

    There are exceptions, but generally high tide at evening is when the best Snapper fishing occurs. I know a few Nelson locals and they only fish at dawn and dusk.


    Thanks for that Miliwolf

    I guess it’s going to be fish bait then – I’ll try early morning and dusk as they are the best times to go up here as well. I suppose off Motueka old wharf will be the best bet using a pully rig and a gripper lead.

    I will try and dig some worm down there (it’ll be good exercise if mothing else!) and try some on 1/0 or 2/0 hook paternoster rig.

    We use worm a lot up here – Lug, rag are very popular and Verm (Guernsey name for rockworm) are great bait – bagged a 4lb ballan wrasse this morning after just 10 mins using it. :)

    I also have some swimming jellies to use which I might try down there – they are deadly for Bass here, so i suppose most predatory fish will find them attractive.

    We arrive NZ on the 25th – can’t wait! :grin:



    I like 6″ Slug-go for snapper fishing. Rig with a 4/0 worm hook and ball sinker, best fished drifting from a boat but can be used from the shore.

    The Berkley Gulp range of scented baits are the most popular.

    Been years since I been to Motueka but wharfs are always worth a try. They provide a nice platform for night fishing and easier lure fishing. Alternatively find a nice sheltered shallow bay.


    Hi Spongebob.
    Golden bay might be your best bet for snapper over them ways.I cant give you an exact location but id say a beach or point somewhere around the Collingwood area may produce a few.Theres been some good sized Trevally caught around there apparently.
    A night time or change of light incoming through high tide is probably the best time to be looking for them if fishing from the shore.A running rig baited with pillie usually does the dammage but bonito and squid will do it as well.Rays both eagle and stingray may prove to be a pain in the arse but if you dont mind a battle then it can be good fun.
    The problem with snapper fishing from the shore is obviously they arent always there and you can spend days looking for them and unless you have hit a good run of them passing by,catching one is usually luck of the draw.
    Just an idea.Let us know how you get on. 8)


    Hi Sevengillz
    Thanks for the info – unfortunately due to illness in the family here in Guernsey we had to cut short our stay in NZ and whiz back after only 10 days.
    The good news is that i did get some fishing in and managed to score a result.
    I asked my brother (who lives in Mot) and after asking some of his mates I found a nice place to fish from. As you know, Kaiteriteri is a good snapper spot, but of course is teeming with families so not the best place to fish from, so I used Stephens Bay which is between Mot and Kaiteriteri. It’s a lovely little cove, very pretty and sheltered and with a small creek and nearby loo which is kept commendably clean. There is a boat launching area so you need to keep clear of that, but there are rocks up to the right of the beach which I am told are good Snapper catching areas.
    I used a tripod and cast out from the beach (early mornings).
    I used a surfcast rod and rigged a twin arm paternoster with a 4oz grip lead and used squid on a 2/0 hook on the lower arm and Pipefish on a 1/0 hook on the upper and cast about 100m out, which produced Kahawai, but no Snapper unfortunately.
    The Kahawai were not that big, so I returned them (I always C&R whenever I can).
    I would have liked to have spent more time there, and a mate was going to take me out on a boat for Snapper, but unfortunately fate conspired against this happening this year.
    Still, there’s always next year, eh? :wink:
    Thanks for the feedback everyone, and I hope anyone looking to go fishing in that area might find this info useful.

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