Re: Live bait rig


I’m Gonna give live-mullet a go in the Dunedin Harbour for salmon, with 1 or 2 of the methods in this thread :)

I’ll try out the bottom rig first cos the salmon are almost hugging the bottom when they go in the harbour, I’ve seen people with 3 metre traces and a float :lol:
they can’t cast for crèpè, and they have a big dead mullet on the end, or a “store bought” pilchard, which tend to melt off the hook with bait elastic or not.

Another problem with dead bait [which i HOPE will be eliminated with livies] is that there are giant schools of mullet which come around and strip your bait fish in seconds.

Seriously they are like pirahnahs, a guy ounce showed me how ferocious they are, he tied the tail of a mullet to a string and when he pulled it in the whole mullet had been stripped to the bone, he left it in for about 20 seconds….. eep! :shock: