Re: Limits


to go back on what you said about the beds having huge numbers. they proberbly said the same 20 years ago about blue cod around places such as the sounds kaikoura etc look what happened to the sounds? they proberbly at one point said that about snapper around christchurch and kaikoura again look what happened? in fact they proberbly said that about many specie. rig for one as you have said in the past used to out number dogfish although rig are still in OK numbers still not a patch on what they were. so what will we say in another twenty years to our younger generation going to go get a feed of crab or tua tua ooohhh back in my day son they were evrrywhere now you will struggle to get a feed? Sure there are millions of some things around and sure they can be a pest but again back years ago people proberbly thought the same about certian other specie that now days people have come to love and often struggle to get? …. i do remember talking to ian a while back and he said gurnard used to be prision food!!! yet i would put that near the top of my favourite fish…..