Re: Latest Catches Spring/Summer 2010


Just got back from Baileys , spent a lazy day relaxing and more or less just watching dazza and booger fishing …..

1 skate which acted more like a huge log , was very curious …1 small schoolie and a truckload of dogfish were caught ….booger caught a red cod head ….

Pretty quiet alright , but to be expected with the time of day and all ……..a HUGE bird workup offshore tho

Booger offered me some gas money but I couldnt bring myself to take it after seeing him with unmatching shoes ….we were going to give him arseholes if he wore them “grabbed in a hurry as we arrived early , at least they made a pair ” so he never put them on , I bet his feet are sunburnt lol ……

He got payback tho , making us suffer the reek of his rotten squid all the way home …..and the best part , the juice leaked inside my car …….so I can revel in it for a week or so lol